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The Field Value Replicator (FVR)

What does the FVR do?

In a nutshell, the FVR reads the value of a data field (column) in a SharePoint list or library and copyies  that value to another field.  It doesn't sound like much but believe us when we say that this thing is incredibly useful.
We have had non-retail version of FVR deployed with a number of customers for well over a year now and they use it every day, it just sits in the background quitely doing its job and never complaining


Why did we build it?

As SharePoint consultants we were often frustrated by things in SharePoint which should be easy but which were not.  For example, if you want to link a graphic icon dynamically linked to a status field (a traffic light system) then you can't do it without hacking away at XML, customising the list with SharePoint Designer or using a Workflow (sledge hammer to crack a nut).



The retail version of FVR is currently under development and we hope to have a public beta ready by August 2013