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The Item Security Enhancer (ISE)

What does the ISE do?

SharePoint provides an inbuilt capability to apply item level security at the list item or document level and although applying custom security settings to individual items is commonly cited as best practice sometimes it is necessary.
One downside of item level security is that increases the maintenance overhead for information managers.  ISE has been designed to lighten that burden by allowing information managers to automatically map user columns in the list to item access.  So, if a user or group is assigned to a specified column in the list they are automatically granted access to the item with specified permissions.

Why did we build it?

In the standard SharePoint UI setting item properties is completely separated from applying access control and our expereince has been that too often end users get confused.  ISE simplfies the processes so that users can see at a glance who has what access to what information products. 



The retail version of ISE is currently under development and we hope to have a public beta ready by September 2013