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This is the jump off site to download kaboodle products.  Please make sure that you select the correct product version according to whether your environment is SharePoint 2010 or 2013.


SharePoint 2010Kaboodle products for SharePoint 2010
Kaboodle products for SharePoint 2010
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SharePoint 2013Kaboodle products for SharePoint 2013
Kaboodle products for SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2013 DownloadsIn page navigation

You are free to download, test and trial our products for as long as you like but please check out our policy wiki and our terms and conditions.

If you have any problems downloading products from these pages please contact support@kaboodle-software.com for assistance. 

When you are ready to purchase licenses please use our on-line purchasing system.  Licenses are charged on a per-Web Front End (WFE) server basis and the cost is the same, irrespective of which version of SharePoint you are using.

Licenses are completely transferable between environments.  So, as long as the number of WFEs in your production environment remains the same, there is no need to buy new Kaboodle licenses when you upgrade to SharePoint 2013.