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Kaboodle Image Slide Shower (KISS)

   What does KISS do?

KISS is an image rotator and viewer designed specifically to work with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (SPO).  It is a web part that hooks up with a SharePoint picture library and which can then be used to view the images contained in the specified view or folder.  Or you can choose to display a specific single image or a single image at random.
When more than one image is to be shown you can choose to display navigation dots (with image call-outs if you like) and/or Next/Previous navigation buttons.  
You can have the pictures rotate on a shedule of your choosing.  When users click on a nagiation element such as a navigation dot or button then automatic image rotation is suspended but you can choose to have it restart after a specified period of lapse time.  
You have a wide range of display options to choose from including whether to show frames and borders, drop shadows, colors, opacity, rounded borders, transitions and fades as well as being able to specificy the transition time function and period. 
You can have up to 4 custom links from every image for things like external web sites or product documentation and that's not including the option of hyperlinking the image itself or providing a link to the image source if required.
Do you need a custom tooltip or a text overlay driven by a SharePoint column value or maybe you'd like to show that information in a custom callout?  Or how about an information panel along with the image (ideal for an Announcement rotator)?  KISS has got the lot, oh and did we mention that it's free!

Show me it in action

For your review we have built 3 demonstration pages which between them show of the key functionality of what KISS has to offer.  We hope you like it.

Image of the WeekImage of the Week
Image of the week KISS Demonstration
Image of the WeekIn page navigation
Dilbert KISS Demonstration
DilbertIn page navigation
Fantasy KISS Demonstration
FantasyIn page navigation
Solar SystemSolar System
Solar System KISS Demonstration
Solar SystemIn page navigation

Why did we build it?

Just what the world needs right, yet another image rotator!  Well yes actually; sure it's easy enough to throw some jQuery into a Content Editor Web Part or code snippet but what if you want the content to be dynamically driven by the images in a specific folder or view or if you want column values to drive image links and supplimentary text.  
There are most certainly other solutions out there but we were driven because the other offerings either cost money, didn't work with SharePoint 2013 or SPO, didn't work with anonymous users on a public facing web site or simply weren't flexible enough to meet the needs we had for this web site.  So we built KISS for our own use and that's why we are giving it away.  

How does it work?

Kind of unusually KISS doesn't use jQuery.  Not that jQuery is a bad thing, quite the contrary it's just that we found we could get everything we needed by using CSS and a little bit of plain old javascript.

KISS is a sandbox web part and so there is virtually no technical risk in using it.  It uses the SharePoint server object model to retrieve data from the specified back end image list and as such it is unavoidable that queries issued for the web part consumes SharePoint resources from the daily quota allocation.  To offset this KISS supports caching which, when enabled, dramatically reduces resource usage.  If fact, when images are retrieved from the web part cache none of your resource allocation is used making KISS ideal for use in public facing web sites.

The current (alpha) release has a restriction in that it will not work when more than one web part is placed on the same page but we're working on that.  We thought it was better to get it out there rather than delay in order to get some feedback and see what the community thinks.

Download, Install, Read and Use

KISS is currently in an alpha stage of development and as such we do not recommend its use on live production sites and we haven't finished the documentation yet.  We expect the beta to be out within the next two weeks and the initial production release ready soon after.  As soon as we have something stable you will be able to download KISS from our SharePoint 2013 Download Central site and tell us what you think. 
To install KISS just upload the solution file to the site collection solution gallery and activate it - making sure the sandbox service is running of course.  Then simply drop a web part on a page somehwere.

You can of course just play with the web part settings as it is fairly obvious what most of them are for but to better understand the configuration options at your disposal please read our product documentation (when it's ready that is).

   The Bottom Line

KISS is completely free!  There are no fees, no spamware, no registration, no licensing required - none of that.  The only thing we do is display a Kaboodle logo and a link to this site on an unconfigured web part.  As soon as you hook the web part up with an image library that all disappears, so you really do have nothing to lose!
All we ask for is constuctive feedback should you wish to help us make our products better.  Please click on the Feeback and Support tab on the right or go directly to out Kaboodle Community site.