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KISS: Image at Random Demonstration 


Web Part Error: Activation of solutions with sandboxed code has been disabled. Correlation ID: 80aa4d9e-b0db-5000-712a-209af5ddfad7.

This is very simple example use for KISS.  Basically the web part has been configured to show a sample image at random from a specific folder in the specified picture library.

As this is a  public web site with annoymous user access we make use of the KISS web part cache so that the Html which presents the image is generated once (by an authenticated user) and is then stored in a shared hidden field of the web part.

The beautifull thing about the cache is that it uses no SharePoint resources and so does not consume any of your daily resource quota and this means that it is ideal for use on a public facing web sites in O365/SharePoint Online as well as in a customer hosted environment.

We've added a drop shadow effect just to make the cartoons appear to stand out from the page a little.