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KISS: Slide Show Demonstration

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This​ page contains a KISS web part which loads images from a specific folder.  In this demonstration navigation dots are displayed which shows the user how many images are in the series.  When they hover over a dot a image preview is shown in a SharePoint callout and clicking the dot brings that image into focus.

Users can also navigate to the next or previous picture by hovering over the image and cliking to the right or left edge respectively.

We've configured this KISS web part to automatically rotate the image every 10 seconds or so.  Automatic rotation is suspended when the use clicks on a navigation control (a navigation dot or a next/previous button).  We've configured things so that the rotation resumes again after there has been 30 seconds of no further naviagtion interaction from the user.

This time we have configured the overlay text (we've used the Title field value again but could have used any text field) to appear in a larger font size.  We've also chosen to preserve the aspect ratio of the source images and set the slide container background to black so we can create the top and bottom band effect.

Finally, we've chosen to provide a link to the source image shown in the top left corner just outside the image.