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​KISS: Image of the Week Demonstration

This page is used to demonstrate the simplest of use case scenarios for the KISS web part.  Basically this web part has been configured to display a single image, the 'image of the week' with a simple text overlay. 

This is about as simple a configuration as it is possible to have.  Basically the ideas is that an information manager edits the web part properties every week and picks a new image, maybe tweaking a few other properties like the frame color.

We've dropped the web part into right-side cell of a simple layout table which has a single row.

We've configured a frame around the image with slightly rounded edges and with a drop shadow effect just to soften things up a bit.

The source for the overlay text is the image item's Title field which has been rendered in white with a font size of 30px and with a black text shadow to make it stand out from the background a bit better.

We've located the image icon on the left and positioned it inside the image itself.  When you click on the image icon you will be directed to the source image where you can see that the "Face every day with a brave heart" slogan is indeed a text overlay and not part of the source image.


Web Part Error: Activation of solutions with sandboxed code has been disabled. Correlation ID: 96aa4d9e-50ea-5000-cba5-2194bcd11480.