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Field View Manager 

What does the Field View Manager (FVM) do?

Have you every been presented with a list that has dozens of views on it and then someone decides that the list needs a new column and that every view now needs to show that column value?

Or maybe you've created a few views derived from the same base view and its been decided that the view field order is wrong.

If you've encountered either of these scenarios then you will know that only way SharePoint lets users reconfigure views is one at a time through the web UI.  To apply the same changes to multiple views is not only boring but its time consuming and error prone.  So we built the FVM.  Think of it as a little friend.

Sure you could write some PowerShell but then you need access to the server.  Did we mention that FVM uses the Client SharePoint Object Model (CSOM) and so can be run from a workstation.


The FVM is currently under development and we hope to have a beta ready for release in August 2013.